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B.The influence of the chosen colour and the inner and outer characteristics on durability:

EYEBROW BLADE PIGMENTATION – Expected durability before colour correction
Faster absorption or fading Longer retaining of pigments, colours
After shape or colour correction a 3rd occasion may be necessary 3-6 months 8-30 months -Consequent VIP correction
Frequent sunbaths or tanning salon visits 6 months 28 months -Little UV exposure
Oily skin with wide pores (thickened) 8 months 28 months -Dry, closed skin
1-2 years after PMU removal 10 months 24 months -New PMU
Skin with rosacea 11 months 30 months -Skin with passive circulation
Light colours 12 months 30 months -Dark hues
Thick skin structure 13 months 18 months -Thin, fine skin
Age: 20s 18 months 30 months -over 60
The data are true in general for eyebrow blade PMUs. They can differ according to the machine, pigment or experience to a negligible extent.

Compiled by Magyar Zsuzsa PMU specialist in 2015

In our job we try to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. We aim to achieve the most beautiful colours in harmony with the other colours of the face where no additional makeup is necessary. It’s not always the most durable that is the most beautiful, and it’s not always the most beautiful that is the most durable. Darker pigments with more intensive hues last longer. Warm shades usually are absorbed faster than cold shades.

If someone chooses a light colour, a slight fading may appear greater. If light pigments are combined with oily skin, the pigment may fade very easily. Therefore light pigment + oily skin + 2 visits to tanning salons per month = the fastest fading

During pregnancy or while a baby is breast-fed, pigments may fade faster.

Taking certain kinds of medicines or having certain illnesses may affect the longevity or the absorption of pigments. The specialists carrying out pigmentation can take no responsibility for them. The salon can take no responsibility for any complications, or lack of results deriving from illnesses kept secret or other inside factors or habits. Any strawberry mark, fibroma or mole that are located in the planned place of the line are to be left out.

If a paint fill and a microblading were carried out, the blades will not be as durable as if two blading had been carried out. If your skin required a base paint fill, it was necessary due to either your skin type or an older PMU. Don’t forget! In these cases you will need a VIP correction sooner.

If you like sunbathing or going to tanning salons, it will have a negative effect on your PMUs, so it is important to apply sun protection regularly for old PMUs too.

In addition, if you have oily skin or rosacea, then your PMU will fade faster.