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We accept quality complaints concerning the shape within 4 weeks after the treatment, we cannot accept any complaints with respect to colours since colours show different hues on the skin of each person.

If there was an old PMU we wanted to correct, then we cannot guarantee the result.


Any complain can only be accepted if it was sent in email with photos attached, after 21 days but before 28 days following the two occasions when the result of our work can be seen.

Why not earlier?

If the surface is swollen, it cannot look symmetric…

Wrinkled skin: due to the facial expressions, it always looks different, you will never see it the same.


Don’t panic!

We went through a long process of drawing, and we pigmented the shape you approved of and agreed to, at your request. After the job was finished, you accepted the shape as it was you who requested it.



It is changeable, depending on your skin type, your sunbathing habits and the way you take care of it.

  1. Special characteristics – the influence of skin type on the durability of PMU

Skin with rosacea: surface pigmentation is necessary, due to frequent blood abundancy, the metabolic processes of the skin are faster, pigments fade quicker, colours may look colder.

Oily skin: during the pigmentation of eyebrow blades, the skin can hold less pigments without pigment spill, so it can fade faster. Oily skin renews faster, so pigments are decomposed quicker. Pigment fill under the blades is recommended.

Skin with scars: According to their characteristics, pigments may look colder or darker, in other cases lighter on scarred skins.

Skin with acne: if there are acnes continuously, pigments may dissolve due to the continuous processes of the appearance and healing of scars and inflammation.

Hyper pigmented skin: the injected pigments will look darker and colder in the healing phase due to the overproduction of your own pigments. SUN BLOCK is necessary!