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Magyar Zsuzsa 22


Cleaning: wipe it twice carefully but thoroughly with a cotton disc drenched in clean still mineral water. If it is prescribed by us, you should put 1-2 drops of Octenisept on the damp cotton. You should apply the cream we give you twice in the first 24 hours and then 5 times a day from the next day on.

From the 8th day on, only cream should be applied on it three times a day as PMU should be kept damp for 28 days, BUT NOTHING ELSE SHOULD BE USED.

For two weeks you mustn’t drench it e. g. by washing it, or sauna, or sweating by doing sports, common bath. At least for 28 days, skiing, TANNING SALON, cosmetic steaming, treatment or any other exposure are not recommended. For 28 days, lip salve or shea butter are useful on top of the cream as they protect it against salt or getting drenched when sweating. UV protection is necessary after it was ointed.

When they freshly made, the paint is oxidized and looks darker.

For 3-6 days it is getting darker and darker, but it doesn’t stay that way.

When the perk peels, it loses its colour and it even becomes too light, but in 21 days, while the epidermis is building up, the hue becomes visible. Until that time it is necessary to protect and to take care of it, be patient.

For us, it is very important to keep you satisfied because then you will come back!!!

Don’t assess the colour after the first occasion. Without basis pigmentation it is rarely possible that the colour or hue you wished for can be applied or achieved for the first time.

The hue used for the first time depends on your skin type or your medical history, it is made so that for the second time it could look as you wish.

A fresh PMU is 30% darker than the permanent colour for a few days and it heals without any scar.

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