Why is it good for you to trust me with the removal and the new make-up tattoo?

Each and every case is different.

We have helped a lot of clients since 2007. A lot of experience and case studies help us to come up with the most suitable solution for you.

With the tattoo removal we create a skin quality fit for making further tattoos onto, avoiding causing new scars and in some cases even boosting the original conditions of the scarred skin.

Before removing a tattoo, we plan a new make-up tattoo for you, if you would like. looking with the eye of a make-up master we can plan a new one, and only those parts of the old tattoo are removed that are necessary and only to a needful degree so that your new make-up tattoo can be created to enhance your beauty. Certainly, the plans are kept on file.

In Madonna Salon, creating a make-up tattoo can be connected with a partial removal, so we can save your time and money.

Look at our make-up tattoos and make your choice. Sometimes a treatment plan drawn u pin time can even save you the price of your make-up tattoo with the removals that are modified partial in time. Only we can offer you this opportunity

Free consultation – personal treatment plan

Before the first treatment/ on the day of the fourth treatment:
Why is it necessary for you to start to remove a bad tattoo in time with the most suitable method?

The effectiveness of fading depends on whether camuflage colours were applied.

If they tried to cover it with skin colour, buti t was not successful then not only more layers should be broken and delivered, but if some skin colour was applied to cover it, the situation is much more complicated as the mixture contains a great amount of white components. In these cases as many as 6 or 8 treatments or in extreme cases 10 can be necessary.

If it was treated with a weak and ineffective laser, which was unsuccessful, then the pigments that became enclosed during the recovery could be faded by us successfully with 3-4 treatments in several cases.

If Rejuvi or other fading materials were applied into the skin during the make-up tattoo, it may be needed several times, but it can also cause long-lasting scars. If the skin is already scarred, then it will be a much slower and more difficult process when you try a new method for the second time such as laser.

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I’m Magyar Zsuzsa. I’m beautician. I started permament make-up in 1993, and soon I specialized in permanent make-up in cosmetics. In 1996 I learned to be make-up master, afterwards movie mask design. Since 1993 Ihave been gaining experience every day tatto and make designer.

Later I learned drawing, and useful in design and shading.

I’m obsessed with make up tattooing. I believe in happiness spiral: Beauty makes You happy, And happiness make You more Beautyful.

Laser Tatto Removal

The woman’s face is a canvas, which she paints the old portrait of her self.Picasso

The importance of cooperation in home treatment

An adequate liquid intake, appr. 2.5 litres, is indispensable to achieve the optimal visible fading, but a big dose of vitamin C is also recommended.

How many treatments are necessary for a tattoo removal?

Laser senses and treats layers. with the fading of the upper layers, the laser is getting deeper and deeper. As if we were erasing graphite at an equal pace…where there is less pigment under the skin, fading shows earlier, and in areas with more pigment, fading shows slower.

What regulates the speed of fading during a laser removal?

In the Madonna Salon we apply a very effective method which can be applied safely producing results quickly, It is important that during the treatments long term damages to the skin must be avoided, but the process of fading should be tracked, the removal treatment must work properly in the salon.

In many cases a disturbing tattoo is removed due to its unnatural colour, uneven shade or strength, or because it is dotted or aesthetically disturbing. Due to the primitive techniques applied, the pigment is not at an even depth, there are scars or injuries on the surface. Their removal requires a lot of attention and percision so as to evade the formation of new scars and skin injuries.

Are all lasers the same?

NO! As many techniques are used for make-up tattoos producing different qualities, there are several Q switch lasers for laser tattoo removals too. A laser can be less effective for fading, or on the contrary, it can cause scars after a few treatments. If the after-treatment is not carried out carefully, it can also produce results that leave something to be desired. Each step is necessary to achieve success

Can it be guaranteed that a tattoo can be 100% faded in each case?

Here the saying that we can work only with what we get holds true! Due to the varied composition of the injected materials a complete fading cannot be guaranteed in each case, but due to the great number of jobs done inour salon, we have a lot of case studies,which testify that in 99% of the cases a very fast and effective removal is made with an optimal frequency of treatments and appropriate after-treatment at home. We are proud to say that we have never had a client who had to participate in 10 tattoo removal sessions with the techinques and methods applied in the Madonna Salon to achieve an ideal result.

Complete fading after 4 laser tattoo removals after 5 laser treatments and lip filling
Will I have eyebrows? Will I remain without eyebrows after the first treatment?

You will, only lighter! In normal cases it is possible to achieve 25-50% lightening after one treatment, but only after 4-5 weeks. On average 40% of the pigment can be erased after one treatment. As if we were erasing graphite on a paper. On an extremely thick layer the fading shows later. However, the amount of pigments faded after one treatment is the same. The question is to what extent the nature of the colours and the amount of the injected pigments allow us to see it.

12 removals were made somewhere else with another q switch laser before at last it faded a lot after four removal treatments, I planned and made the new make-up tattoo– Magyar Zsuzsa

If You have alredyan eyebrows tattoo, and You would like a new, fresh color

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How long does a pmu last?

The answer lies in Your skin type and Your sunbathing habbits, and the color You choose.

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