Hogyan érkezz- Hogyan időzítsd a sminktetoválást

Magyar Zsuzsa 22

How to arrive – the timing of permanent make-up

  1. You should not go to a tanning salon in the last three days before the PMU.
  2. It is better to avoid lip or eyelid pigmentation in the early phase of the menses.


  1. You should come to the site of the PMU fresh and not with an empty stomach.
  2. In the last 4 hours before coming to the salon, possibly avoid taking painkillers. If it is inevitable, please take Cataflam.
  3. Have a big breakfast but do not consume any alcohol or drinks containing caffeine, coffee, tea or energy drinks.
  4. Avoid taking blood diluents or a great amount of Vitamin C before PMU.
  5. Wash your hair before PMU and until the perk disappears, avoid any contact with water for more than a few seconds.


If you shave them, do not do it during the last week before PMU treatment.


(only if you have already had herpes). You can prevent getting herpes if your doctor prescribes TELVIRAN, which is a medicine you should start taking a few (4) days before the treatment. According to the experiences we have had in the salon, it works in 90% of the cases. If you have to wear a mask for your job, you should schedule your lip PMU for Friday.


You should remove your 3D eyebrows at least 72 hours before the treatment. If you have an appointment, but suddenly some contraindication occurs, please inform us about it at the reception desk and at magyarzsuzsa.madonna@gmail.com.


Usually, we plan to carry out your PMU on two occasions, but if you had PMU earlier, then it could take 3 or more sessions.

Don’t panic… just because it is for a long period and meanwhile you find it too light or dark, too cold or warm, too angular or too arched etc. or you don’t find them identical.

We don’t just go at it at once, but we draw it and analyse it together with you for a long time until an exact plan approved by you (a photo of which is taken) is pigmented.

The colours are chosen according to what we agree in beforehand, from several possibilities, 3-4 top brands and many possible colours.

The change of colours: when they freshly made, the paint is oxidized and looks darker. For 3-6 days it is getting darker and darker, but it doesn’t stay that way. When the perk peels, it loses its colour and it even becomes too light, but in 21 days, while the epidermis is building up, the hue becomes visible. Until that time it is necessary to protect and to take care of it, be patient.