How to arrive

The great day of your unique beauty is coming! Are you looking forward to it?

Welcome to our place!

Before You arrive, it is important for You to know more about what we have in store for You!

Please, fill in the form below, read it carefully and accept each point of it!


    If You haven’t made one yet, You can make an appointment in our e-calendar or we can agree on phone.

    MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART - Online appointments - Reservio

    We will send a confirmation on receipt of Your reservation.

    II. How the EXACT PRICE is calculated?

    If You could not visit us for consultation in person, then the Your treatment plan based upon the photo sent by You can still be modified if it is necessary to achieve the best possible solution.
    And of course it may also occur that by the time You arrive… after studying the references, You would like something a little different from what You wanted when You made the appointment.


    We can agree and You would also like the PMU to be beautiful and without pain and to be made simply and in the shortest time possible and the pigment to stay in. You also play an important part in it!
    Washing Your hair, Your caffein intake, medical treatment, pain killer, diet etc.
    THE GREAT DAY – How you should eat. Read the most important information HERE


    At a PMU session You will spend appr. 3 hours with us. (some delay may occur)
    - information and
    - filling in the medical form
    - and the guest form
    - consultation, treatment plan
    - planning, how it will look?
    - if You like the plan, we will make the symmetrci, fix design
    - the important plan approved by You will be documented on photo too
    - we choose the right pigments
    - ...and we carry out the PMU
    - we discuss the plan for home care and provide You with after care lotion
    - if possible, we can fix the appointment for correction, which is free of charge within 90 days.
    - and we will give You your MAGYAR ZSUZSA PERMAENT MAKE-UP VIP card

    Upload Your photo and save time!
    If You upload Your photo, we will start planning Your PMU before You arrive. In the photo, please do not wear any make-up, foundation, rouge or mascara


    Address: Budapest, V. Régi Posta utca 4.
    entrance from the street, In Váci street, 50 m from the Mcdonalds.
    In contrast to some other big European cities, the heart of Budapest can be accessed by car and You can even park your car here. Finding a parking place depends ont he time of day, it is easier around 10 a.m., later it is more diffcult. If You come int he afternoon, you should consider TAKING THE UNDERGROUND.
    UNDERGROUND Line 2 takes You to Deák Square, whereas Line 1 delivers You to Vörösmarty Square, and from there you can reach us easily after a pleasant five-minute walk on Váci Street (which is a pedestrian area).
    - Car park under Erzsébet Bridge,
    - the quay in Pest between Erzsébet Bridge and the Chain Bridge
    - Apáczai Csere János Street,
    - Parking building in Aranykéz Street,
    - Opposite Régi posta street, in the car park of MARIOTT Hotel... half of this is owned by the self-government, favourable prices.
    - You shouldnt park in a forbidden place as the cameras monitor everything in the area and You will be fined in short order.


    Please, here is our general guide at Your service, where You can find the PRICE LIST with reference works and a lot of useful information here:


    In case of any illness or long term medication, You should warn us before the personal consultation, so we can avoid your coming in vain personally.

    Illnesses and medications may affect the result of PMU and I understand that it is important to inform the PMU artist about them, therefore I hereby indicate them.

    APPOINTMENTS – what times can be chosen?

    IN GENERAL, with our creative team, appointments can be made between 9 a.m.-7 p.m., with MAGYAR ZSUZSA between 09.30 a.m.-04.30 p.m. on weekdays. A PMU session takes 2.5-3 hours, a tattoo removal takes 1 hour altogether.
    At the first meeting you will get relevant information on the further proceedings, and we will sign this too.
    If You would like to make appointments for PMU/REMOVAL with a particular person, You are to pay 20,000 HUF in advance per area.


    After Your PMU treatment we expect You for a second, free-of-charge session within 90 days to achieve the best possible result.
    If You can oanly come back between 90-180 days after the treatment, we have to calculate with some minimal expenses. If You have to modify Your appointment, please take into account that You can only do that before 3 workdays without having to pay an extra fee.
    If You fall ill, you are to indicate it at least 12 hours before your appointed time on Messenger or in SMS on the following number: +36706333213 and to show a medical certificate, in this case we pay 100% of the expenses of the down-time.


    New Permanent Makeup – On the first occasion the new shape can be perfect in 95%, the colour may be totally perfect even after the first occasion, but it depends on the relation of the skin type and the chosen colour.
    At any rate, it takes at least 21 days for the hue, the thickness and the symmetry to become finalized, the colour will not undergo any more developing stages.
    When can a work be assessed?
    21 days after the correction.
    After a removal, making a new PMU generally takes 3 sessions, for the third occasion a fee has to be paid. After a PMU correction a renewal may be needed.
    If old tattoos are corrected or modified, the result cannot be guaranteed in any case due to the direct influence of the previous history of the tattoo. What we can guarantee is the maximum expertise and professionalism, which have been based on more than 10 years of experience – so the correction / modification of Your PMU will yield the best possible results depending on the previous proceedings.

    When you have completed everything, please press the „SEND” button!

    Thank You for carefully reading and filling out the registration form, see You soon.