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How you can get enough information in only 5 minutes for your pmu appointment
Let us begin with an online free-of-charge consultation
Would you like a new permanent make-up or do you already have one. What is it like now?
What colour is it? How old is it?
Three simple steps to follow:
1 what style would you prefer? Please, write it to us. Possibly, you could send us a photo if you have one or you can surf my photo gallery:

If you are ill or take pills, please inform me confidentially to rule out contraindications

2 send me a close-up selfie of your eyebrow, eyelids or lips. Please take the photos without any make-up.

3 please send me your email address and phone number.

In just two working days, we will send you customized pmu or microblading plan taking into account your characteristics such as your unique colours and features and your wishes.
Attached, you will get a price offer and photos of my similar works. Then it possible to get a personal pmu plan/drawing free of charge. If everything is clear and there is no need for personal planning after the online consultation, then it is not necessary before reservation.
Waiting for your kind response and photos.
I am looking forward to meeting you in person.
Please kindly find my e-business card attached.
Best regards,

Magyar Zsuzsa