After you use up tattoo




After you use up tattoo

Date of booking:

The makeup pigmentation of the tattoo design and have found that occasionally takes 2-2.5 hours by region, and occasionally.

The second operation is approx. 30 minutes shorter. These are the dates we plan ahead. So take the time to complete work only maintained for you. In view of this the staff at the reception date Book prepared for you, which is the amount of the full cost of the work is 20%. The second After treatment, it returned to you in a lump sum.


Change booked an appointment:

If change is necessary, please note the following: Cancellation and change is possible without any loss of at least 24 hours in advance. In this case, it is possible to restructure the working day, the working hours call other guests booked by you.

Prices and Discounts

Rates of up tattoo price list is included in Annex I and 2 the price of an intervention.

  1. TIMES :Does not include makeup tattoos costs, but may vary individually, if necessary, to the planned shades are stimulated, or your skin somewhere scantily took the pigments.

Become a demonstration model!

If you ask the salon cabin showing the makeup of tattoo, the list price is provided for reductions in force, which is currently 30%. The intervention is carried out in selected professional, 20 or 18 years salon experience.

Make up Tattoo Card System

The makeup tattoo Madonna Beauty Salon Hairstyle just made the colors we plan to harmonize the face and give a natural feel. For some colors that should enliven year, renewed. My reconstruction of the existing works 40% of the list price per year and occasionally performed. All you have to do is hold on to, bring yourself and show the Madonna VIP Card System.

Madonna VIP kartya 85,6x54 v3

Repair corrupted by other tattoos:

It is possible arcs bad or wrong color correcting old tattoos, covering Long Time Liner techniques or extracting Q Switched laserrel. Tattoo Make-up method for such repairs occasionally pay you if necessary. If you have it, ask our proposal regarding the choice of technique.

Durable Contraindications

In these cases, no treatment is performed: Hemophilia disease predisposition, diabetes, systemic anticoagulation (anti-clotting treatment) EXTREME high blood pressure – no refusal, but with caution, epilepsy, depression, Sklerose multiplex, facial neuralgia, mole on locally wounds locally

What to expect after taking up tattoo? Fresh makeup tattoo 30% darker than the final few days to heal without visible color and almost scar.

That eye, and even two days can be slightly swollen upper eyelid, especially in the morning when you wake up.

Dry clean ice this state quickly resolved. What should I watch out for? Do not freeze beyond the surface!

Lip is no longer just a fashion contour, rarely sought. A more natural look can be achieved with soft satírral or full satírral painted eyes. The following relate to this: Only you can make the tattoo slightly swollen on the day that the next day resolved, seems more intense and painted effects. Be based, rúzsozhatod, if necessary, but you should choose a day of rest the next day. Also jegelhető any swelling. What do you listen to? Some days its just lipstick, use a cleaned!

 Eyebrow Slightly darker than the desired 2-4 days. Since then ask thread technique, which in some cases will be more natural. Powder PluS HADOs Foundation can do it, if necessary.

During recovery:                 3-5 days, constitutional factors and site-dependent recovery time is expected. During this period, sauna, solarium, shared bathroom, sunbathing and skiing, beauty treatments, steam and other means shall not be recommended. Later, during the Bioderma SPF 50 sun protection cream to protect the colors we offer, which is available in our salon. We are waiting for My colleague:

The makeup tattoo design process

1 time of design and color priming operation

Up to 1 hour is happy to deal with this task. Meticulously inspect the lines creating the perfect look for you. At the end of symmetry test is performed only until the desired result is achieved. We design the colors. That technique will be finalized up tattoo designs, then just wipe off the pencil. So only finalize approved by the guests perfect lines. In this case, develop a deeper allocated to the next base paint színfelélénkítő treatment.

2 time:          In each case made up tattoo in 2 consecutive from 3 weeks to 3 months of treatment. The second complimentary occasion latest 90 days before the first must occur after time. After that, the first got over losing more pigment treatment, so that more work need any pigmentation process ..

It is possible to get the right shade at the first intervention has been reached, however, you also need a second Treatment for smooth and long-lasting results. You may not swollen area may decide whether a line is longer? I always welcome the guests with a free check-ups and possibly free supplement.

After care          

The mikrohegek almost invisible, only perceived dryness. The skin heals within 2-6 days without a trace. Maybe 100% pure Hyaluronic Madonna Stick and helps speed recovery. Both are available from your salon, the required dose. Madonna The Stick was cleansing and apply it to all of the following ways: wear contact lenses? If so, remove contact lenses in this case! (After Liner) 1, before washing cloths in lavender Stifttel Madonna! (Keeping it soft) 2, possibly after washing lubricate the 100% pure Hyaluronnal that regeneration of the skin, elasticity significantly accelerates and Madonna Repeat the pins!

The Madonna Stick Lavender (no vine fat), a soothing, cooling balm to protect the new contour-film forming thereby aiding the healing process that protects against drying, bacteria, berepedezéstől the flexibility to keep the surface. Calm 4.Végül short, quick strokes gently eyelids, lips or dry ice. (Eg nylon bag of ice cubes excellent for this purpose.)

What to do in case of herpes?

If you glowing, describing topical lavender oil. Since all herpes fast drying formulation as well, other areas of the lip is not recommended to get it. Sore Patch applied.

Protection of colors                   Smear Bioderma SPF 50 before sun exposure and tanning, all that will definitely protect the skin planted hypo-allergenic plant pigments. So slowly fade the colors. The average high factor cream is not efficient enough for this purpose. The contour will fade according to individual abilities. Affect the rate of fading body function, skin type, or drugs. Natural-looking pastel shades to lighten the experience as soon as noticeable, but it is a natural phenomenon.

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